Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spread the Word to End the Word.......

Hey guys, R,T,&J, here and we just want to tell you about a special day today.  Now we know this isn't a camping post, but we think you'll forgive us.  

We want to pass along that today is Spread the Word to End the Word day all across the United States.  This is a great cause.  Of course the word it's talking about is the "r" word.  Now I know you know what the "r" word is, so I won't tell you.  We can say all sorts of things about the use of that word, but We won't.  What we do ask is that you just don't use it.  

I (Rob) work with children with Developmental Disabilities in our local school system.  I am also on the Board of Directors of The Arc of Rowan County.  I am also the webmaster, blogger, and general all around try to figure out why this computer isn't doing what it should person.  So check it all out, and you will see why I don't like the "r" word!  

Also, March just happens to be Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.  It was done by  a Presidential Proclamation by Ronald Reagan in 1987!  Check out The Arc's website to find out more.  

Thanks for checking us out today, and thanks for letting us tell you about something that means a lot to us.  Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J

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