Friday, December 19, 2014

Good Things are Happening.......

Happy Friday evening everyone!!  It's Pod back blogging tonight.  Rob, Trisha, and Jackson said to tell everyone hello.  Rob and Trisha are down to one day of school left before the Holiday Break, and Jackson is keeping busy, keeping his cat posse under control!!

While I'm out in my pod-port all decorated for Christmas, some good things are happening, I just know it.  

First of all, Rob turned on my fridge yesterday afternoon.  That can only mean one thing.....a camping trip is coming up soon!!

Second, the other day I saw the big brown truck stop by and drop off a package.  Turns out part of the package was a present for me!! 

Seems the West Coast part of the family sent Rob a neat indoor/outdoor weather station just for me.  Today Rob found a place inside to mount the control panel and he also mounted the remote sensor to my spare tire mount out back.

Many thanks to the West Coast bunch for this neat Christmas present!!

Next, one of Trisha's teacher friends made this awesome picture just for me.  (Trisha said it was for her, but everyone knows I'm the star of this show!)

Isn't this just grand!! I sure do love it.  Rob had to move my tissue box holder, which was no problem, to have the perfect place to mount my new picture.

Well I 'd better wrap this us.  I think my people have a busy weekend planned.  Be sure to check by later to find out what all they get up to.

Thanks for checking by today.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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