Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yup, Thanksgiving is the BEST......

That's what Rob says about Thanksgiving.  He says it's his favorite holiday by far.  All I have to say is I'm tucked away all comfy in my Pod-Port waiting until my next trip!

Evening everyone, it's Pod blogging this evening.  I think all my people are in something called a food coma.  Rob told me early this morning the menu was Ham, Turkey, candied yams, green bean casserole, 7-layer salad, Parker house rolls, cornbread dressing.  Oh wow!  And dessert was coconut-cream cheese pound cake, Derby Pie, and Pumpkin Pie.  No wonder everyone in the house is napping!!

The Holiday kicked-off Tuesday afternoon with the South Rowan Christmas Parade.  It comes right by our house.  Here's Jackson checking out the action.....

Then they all spent Wednesday running errands, cleaning, and cooking....

Wednesday evening, Rob's nephew Pat arrived for the weekend.  He's stationed at the Naval Training Facility at Charleston, SC.  

Then today, Trisha's mom and dad joined in for the Thanksgiving feast!!

So you can see, all my people have had a great Thanksgiving so far.  I'd better be getting off of here, I think I hear someone making something called a turkey sandwich.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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