Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grand Theft Blog......

Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving everyone.  Rob says Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday!!  It's has been almost a month since our last blog post.  Wow!  Where on Earth did November go?

Now there really hasn't been all that much to blog about anyway.  But today, the table is set, the salads and desserts made, and the real cooking is set to start at four a.m. Thursday morning.  

We wanted to send out a pre-Turkey Day post, and after reading Cousin's Sharon's Postcards blog today, Rob decided to just flat out steal her idea and artwork!!  Thanks Cuz!!!!  Yes, we too have been in a blogging lull.

Well here it is, our kick off camping trip is scheduled for the season.  Thanks to SC State Parks, we're getting a 50% off Black Friday Deal.  Check it out.....

So if your in the neighborhood (or not) and think you might like to join us, by all means do so!!

We want to finish by wishing all our family and friends a most happy Thanksgiving Day with food, fellowship, family, and friends.  Also, take just a moment to reflect and give thanks for all we have.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,& J and all the rest of Team R&T!!!

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