Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Y'all.....

Merry Christmas from Hunting Island State Park.  This has been a great day.  Rob started shortly after daylight this morning firing the grill and then smoking both a pork butt for lunch today, and a ham for potato soup over the weekend.  

The smoked pork sure was yummy, and thanks to Kevin for the sweet potatoes and salad, our entire Christmas Dinner at the beach 
was just awesome.

Rob also wanted to post a few pictures outlining the vinyl window inserts he made for the windows in the r-dome.  He got this idea from the r-pod Facebook page.  

First, Rob laid out the panel the window
insert was going to be made for.

Here's a picture of the rolled up vinyl as
Rob received it.  He ordered it from a vendor
on Ebay.

Here's a picture of the vinyl insert cut and
some sticky back velcro Rob cut to match
the velcro on the dome.

This is the vinyl on the floor of the shop so
it could be cut. 

Here's a completed picture of the two
panels with the vinyl attached.

Here's what it looks like in
the wild camping.
Just like having windows.

A close up picture of the clips
used to keep the vinyl in place
along the top edge.

A close up picture of the
velcro attachments.

A better view of the clips used
to hold the top of the window
inserts to the dome.
We sure hope everyone had a great Christmas Day.  Ours has been just grand.   We're not sure what are going to do tomorrow, but it will most likely involve leaving the campground.  Haha.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, but no J.

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