Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pi gets a Neck-ti.....

And other crazy stuff from the beach.  Happy Christmas Eve everyone, we're taking a break as the last round of rain is about to arrive to send everyone our Christmas wishes from Hunting Island State Park.

We left home about 6:00 yesterday morning, stopped for breakfast at a local cafe, and hit the road for what should have been an easy 300 mile drive to Hunting Island State Park Campground.  The first part of the trip across back roads of both North and South Carolina were great.  When we hopped on I-95, the trouble began.  After about 15 miles we hit a traffic back up because of a wreck.  It then took us 2 hours to drive 8 miles.  Can you say UGH??

Anyway we got here, set up camp, fixed a big pot of chili for supper, then kicked back and relaxed in the dome and visited with our podding friend Kevin Olds of Home Pod fame.  

This morning started with a breakfast casserole, whop biscuits, and then finishing setting up camp between rain showers.  The rest of the day will be lounging in the dome, maybe watching a movie, and just hanging out.  

Here's a few pictures of our trip so far....

Pi's new Neck-Ti

Christmas at the Beach!

Our campsite.

Last night's chili.  It was yummy too!

A view out of the vinyl window inserts
Rob fix for Pod's dome.

Thanks for checking by today.  We wish everyone a most Merry Christmas tomorrow.  Be sure to check out tomorrow's blog post because Rob has promised pepperpod some info on how to make the vinyl window inserts for 
Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, but no J.  (He's grandma sitting this week!)

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