Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Saturday at James Island......

Hello there, we sure hope your Saturday was a great one.  We had an awesome day here at James Island, SC.  We both slept late (8:30ish) but were soon up and about.  Rob fixed sausage biscuits for breakfast, and we just whiled away the morning.

After getting bathed and dressed, Rob unloaded Trisha's new bicycle and she was off exploring the campground.  When she came back, we loaded up in Truck and were off to find some lock cables for our bikes, and a few groceries.


As luck would have it, a Wal-Mart was close by, so it didn't take long to get what we needed for the next few days. 

We then rode on down toward Folly Beach to find Crosby's Seafood. We wanted some fresh shrimp to fix for supper. A quick stop for a tank of gasoline for Truck and it was back to the campground for visiting and more bike riding.  

When we returned, we found the Easter Bunny had visited us a day early!  WOW!  We just spent the rest of our afternoon, biking on the awesome paved trails, exploring, and visiting.

Next thing we knew we were hungry.  Of course it was supper time, and we had been too busy for lunch.  So in short order the stove was fired up, and supper was under way.

The results were really yummy too!!  After cleaning up, and letting our supper settle a bit, we did a little more bike riding and visiting.  

To close out this great day, cousin Sharon and Rob rode over to the fishing pier to catch the sunset.  Isn't it just beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Be sure to stop back by tomorrow to hear all about the Sunday Brunch we are having with our camping group.  Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T, but no J.


  1. What a great place to try our those new bikes! James Island is going on my destination list. Hi to everyone down there! Ella

  2. I want it on my list too. I think you're having way too much fun without me and Ella!