Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Wheels......

Happy Sunday everyone.  R&T's-Pod here today.  When Rob was out here yesterday, he left the netbook computer he got just for me. So I decided I would sneak and make a post with it today.  

I think Rob and Trisha are both ready to hit the road for somewhere, because they both hung out with me yesterday afternoon!  Rob is still doing a few small mods, and Trisha is just ready to go camping.  I still think Rob has something big up his sleeve for me, but he's not saying a word.  Neither is Trisha!

I do know yesterday was dreary and cold with a little bit of rain too.  I also know they went to Camping World to look at folding bicycles.  Now Trisha has been wanting a bicycle for camping for a couple of seasons now.  Rob has been wrestling with what to get, how expensive a decent bike can cost (x 2), and how to transport them.  

So yesterday they went to CW, to look at the ones there for sale.  On top of that Rob had gotten a coupon in his email for 50% off the folding 12-speed model. As luck would have it, CW had two.  With the coupon Rob had plus a $10 off coupon he reused, the final price for two folding bikes was less than the original price for just one.  Pretty neat huh?

Here's a picture of both of them......

I think they will really enjoy using them.  Rob says they seem to be well made and should be just what they needed.

Thanks for stopping by today.  It was fun sneaking Rob's little computer, but I think I see him out in the yard so I better sign off and put it away for now!

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R&T's-Pod


  1. I can't wait to see your bikes; I've wanted one for a long time. Nice for touring the campground, or for a QUICK trip to the bathroom! Will you bring them to the BRR?

    1. We will be glad for you to check them out. We plan to bring them to the BRR for sure. Rob