Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A YETI Really is Betti(er).......

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Rob here making the blog post today.   I wanted to make a quick report on one of the new camping items we took with us this past weekend.  It is my new YETI Cooler I want to tell you about today.  

You see, I have been wanting one of these for several years.  But whenever I would be in the shop, I'd look at my collection of coolers (I won't tell you how many exactly) and I'd say, "Naw, maybe next season."  YETI coolers are somewhat pricey.  Their slogan is, "Wildly Stronger!  Keeps Ice Longer!  They have a lot of reasons why they are supposed to be better, but I will let you cruise on over to their website and decide for yourself.  They even claim to be "Certified Bear Resistant."  Not that we do a lot of camping in bear country.  

At any rate, I loaded up the YETI cooler Friday morning with six water bottles, six small sodas, and finished filling it full of ice.  We did use some of the ice over the weekend for drinks.  The ice I used was from the freezer at  home and one bag from the grocery store.  I was impressed because this was the only bag of ice I bought for the weekend.  Now I will admit the weather wasn't hot, but was sunny and pleasant.  

Today when I finished cleaning out and stowing away a few things, I took a couple of cell phone pictures of what I found when looking in the cooler this afternoon (Tuesday).  

Looks good sitting on the tailgate of Truck!

The water and sodas still in a nice ice/water slush.

A better picture of the contents of the cooler.

A fair amount of ice left after five days!!  
I can't wait to see how this cooler performs in the summer heat we camp in quite a bit.  But so far I like what I see. 

I almost forgot, but the YETI was a Birthday/Christmas present from my family out west.  Thanks again guys!!

Hope you enjoyed this equipment update.  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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