Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just One More MOD......

Hi and happy weekend to all!  Here in the Southern Piedmont of North Carolina, we've had a great weekend.  Rob spent several hours Saturday cleaning up the yard getting it ready for fertilizer and seed.  

Then we turned our attention to R&T's Pod.  Rob re-activated the Satellite TV service, set-up the dish, and let everything sync back up for our camping trip this coming weekend.  Hop over to the 2013 Trips page to read all about it! 

We also de-winterized the pod.  The weather man doesn't really forecast any more freezing weather for us.  (At least not this week!)  For us, de-winterizing consists of putting the anode rod back in the water heater and putting the low-point  drain caps back on the drains.

Of course our weekend had to start with a quick trip to camping world Friday after school.  Now we know this is the fourth trip in four weekends, but Rob keeps getting these great coupons.  This weekend we snagged a new spare tire cover for pod ($5 bucks!).  The factory one was pretty much worn out.  Take a look below.....

In fact the weather was just so nice, we actually did a little pretend drive way camping Saturday afternoon!  Check us out.....

And then as the title of this post says, we just had to get in one more MOD.  This was another space utilization mod.  See in the forward outside storage compartment of our model of pod, there is quite a bit of wasted space.  So Rob rummaged around the shop and found an old piece of wire shelf and modified it for this mod.  Check it all out below.....

This is the storage compartment after Rob took some of the "stuff" our of it, prior to the mod.

Here's a picture of the wire shelf Rob modified to fit.

Here is a picture of the cleat Rob added to support the wire shelf on the rear wall of the storage compartment.

Here is a picture of the cleat Rob added to support the wire shelf on the forward wall of the storage compartment.

Here's a picture of the lower part of the storage compartment after Rob vacuumed it out and stowed everything back in it's place.

And here you can see the wire shelf with both bins and loose storage.  These are items we don't use often, but we carry for "just-in-case."  

Thanks for checking by today.  Be sure to enjoy the rest of your weekend!  We head out Friday on our first camping trip of 2013.  We will be meeting Splash T@B for a weekend of fun.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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