Saturday, March 5, 2016

Keep Calm and.....OH HECK NO!!!!!!

Happy Saturday evening all.  It's Pod here blogging again today.  I'm liking this blogging stuff, but I'm thinking the folks may catch onto my fun.  

On this beautiful early March Saturday here in my part of the world, Rob was out early giving Levi his Saturday bath, then he did a bunch of yard work.  I think he took his mom and Trisha out for lunch, then one of Kermit Pod's people came by for some Pod talk.  The best part about the Pod talk was that most of it was done with them inside of me!!  

After Kermit Pod's person (Jon, who's birthday is today!!! Happy Happy!) left, Rob got busy making my bed, sweeping me out and storing away the other clean camping linens.  You see, in two weeks the SC DOG campout kicks off my 2016 camping season and I can hardly wait.  

In case you don't know what SC DOG stands for, its the South Carolina Dutch Oven Gathering, hosted by my Aunt Sharon (SplashT@B's mom) and it will be held at Cheraw State Park, Cheraw, SC.  

Here's a picture of my bed all made-up nice and comfy and ready to go.....

Next, Rob went inside, dusted off his sewing machine and got busy working on his CDO apron.  You see, Rob has had the apron a good while.  In fact, he got the idea for the printing on the apron from his friend Mark (of furpod fame) and set about getting one made.

The reason behind the apron, is that for each camping event, challenge, or skill Rob completes in his CDO group, he can earn a badge.  Now being a former Boy Scout, Rob is all about badges, patches, and stickers.  HAHA.

And what better way to display all of his cooking awards than an apron.  Pretty neat idea isn't it?

Anyway, here's a picture of Rob's apron with his favorite patch sewn on.  Rob tried this one first, to see how it would work, and he was very happy with the results.  

About an hour later, he had sewn on all of he patches he has earned so far......

Turned out nice I think and it sure is a neat way to display Rob's achievements.   Rob said he sewed all the patches on crooked except the first one, just for fun.  

And as for the title to my blog post, well I'm tired of keeping calm, I'm ready to go camping!!!  

Thanks for checking by today and I look forward to blogging from the SC DOG real soon.

Until next time, stay safe out there......- Pod

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  1. Hey Pod…tell Uncle Rob that he will have 3 more goodies to add to his CDO apron after the SC DOG!!! That's all that Momma Sharon will let me tell you! See ya next week…Splash