Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Can You Keep a SECRET?????

Happy Wednesday afternoon everyone.  It's Pod and I'm back blogging today.  Levi and I have a little story to tell you about some food that was cooked here yesterday in our campsite.  

You see, Mr. R belongs to a Camping Dutch Oven (CDO) group and every month brings a new challenge for CDO cooking.  The challenge for the month of April is a CDO Bar-b-que or BBQ for short.  

If you read up on the art, science, and myths of BBQ,  you'll find all sorts of lore.  You'll even find an official USDA definition of BBQ. 

That's right, just look up:   The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 9, Chapter 3, Part 319, Subpart C, Section 319.80.

There are even those who will tell you if the smoke don't hit the meat, it isn't BBQ.  Well we're just going to ignore those people and continue on with our CDO fun.  

Anyway, here's where the keeping of a secret comes into play.  Yesterday, Mr. R tested out his dish for the April Challenge.  Not only was it good, he said it was, "slap yo mama" good!!  Now that must be mighty wonderful, tasty good.  So follow along with the next few pictures while I tell you all about it.  Just remember, this is a secret so don't tell anyone, especially any of the CDO gang....

Mrs. R was assigned the job of watching the coals get ready...

Mr. R prepped his 10" CDO.  He lined with the a CDO liner and he even used his special Trivet to keep the meat off the bottom of the CDO.

Next, using some boneless, skinless chicken breasts, he trimmed them and cut them into thirds so they would cook quicker and more evenly.  He placed the chicken pieces on the trivet, and sprinkled them with a nice coating of brown sugar.

Then Mr. R topped the chicken with slices of bacon he cut in half.  Next was a nice coating of his favorite flavor of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

The next step was to get his coals all arranged just so, on both the top and bottom of his CDO.  Then with the addition of the wind screen, everything was in place for the cooking or should I say BBQing to happen.

Next step was the easy one.  Mr. R and Jackson sat back for the next hour and enjoyed something called Rule #9.

Then before you know it, this wonderful smell floated into the dome and both of the R's were starving by the time the food was ready to eat.

Add to the chicken BBQ a side of zesty crab dip, some local made pimento cheese, and some saltine crackers, and things got really quiet around the campsite for the next little while.

So there you have it, Mr. R's BBQ challenge experiment dish.  I have a feeling this will be one that gets cooked again real soon. 

 Just remember......MUMS the word......

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod and Levi

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  1. Hey Pod…tell Uncle Rob that I won't tell a soul about the CDO dish…not even Momma Sharon!! Isn't it fun to be bloggers?! I've been in charge of the computer for the last few days too. See ya in a few weeks! Splash