Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's Easy Being Green......

Happy Saturday evening everyone.  It's Pod here and I'm back once again with the blogging duties.  What a day this has been.  It started out coolish, overcast, and with a brief shower.  But, as the day wore on, the clouds ran away, the sun came out, and it almost got hot.  But all in all it has been a good sort of day.  

Today is Rob's buddy Colton's 18th birthday.  Now Colton's favorite color in the whole wide world is green.  So to celebrate his birthday today, I had Rob turn my lights to green.  Looks good don't it?

And to carry on with the green theme, here's a few more "green" pictures from our day, just for Colton.....

I think all this yucky yellow pollen has Trisha feeling sorta "green."

A "green" sign at the camp office with a little map and a short history of the Town of Cheraw.

Here's the camp flag pole with the US and SC flags and "green" trees in the background.  Colton has helped put up the flags most every morning of school these past four years.  Thanks!!!

Also a few camping "happies" from Cousins Becky and Sharon.  Note the cute "green" book about wiener dogs and the "green" patches.

Well that about wraps it up for today.  I'll post later about what we did today, but Rob asked me to make a special post tonight just to celebrate Colton's birthday.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod, with R,T,&J.  

Happy Birthday Colton!!!!

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  1. Great blog Pod! Did I give Rob two SC patches and two Camping Friends patches?