Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back Home......

Happy Thursday evening all.  It's Pod here once last time, I think my blogging license is fixing to be revoked by Mr. R after that last post, someone must have talked!

Due to rainy weather being forecast for tonight and tomorrow at the coast, and nearly the same forecast here at home, we all decided to pack up today.  It was strange sort of breaking of camp.  You see, after breakfast this morning, Mr. R decided to take down the dome since it was nice and dry.  He also packed most everything else away too except for the chairs.  Then he and Mrs. R sat under a nearby tree and enjoyed the rest of the morning.  As the discussion turned to what to do for the day, one of them looked at the weather and it was quickly decided to finish breaking camp and head home.  

Since it was about 1:00 pm when they left, they stopped by Prosser's BBQ for a great lunch then hit the road.  The traffic was heavy for about the first 10 or so miles due to HWY 707 construction, but afterwards it was smooth sailing back home.

I do have a few pictures for you today though.  Cousin Sharon suggested to Mr. R that the R's should ride down to Pawley's Island and check out the historic district.  Mr. R didn't remember every having gone there before, but it turns out they had last summer then the place was slammed packed full of cars and people.  Yesterday was much calmer and Mr. R was able to get a few nice pictures.

The historic district is a neat place.  Interspersed among newer and nicer beach houses, are older (1850's) beach houses built by the wealthy of the area as a summer retreat of the inland heat, humidity, and "summer fevers" those being mainly malaria.  

Enjoy the sights of our Wednesday, and thanks for following along with us during our Spring Break 2016.

 Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod

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