Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pod Done Gone Wild.......

Hi everyone, it's Pod here today.  I'm taking over the posting duties today for Rob.  If you'll check over on cousin Splash T@B's blog, you can read about how Splash's camper mom decorated the neatest trash can for Splash.  

I told Rob I wanted one too, but just not those colors.  So today, Trisha and Rob went to Wal-Mart (Rob NEVER goes to Wal-Mart on the weekend) and bought a trash can for my very own.  Rob said it took them awhile to pick out the color duct tape to wrap with with.  He said he wanted CAMO  (ugh!) and Trisha wanted some pretty flowers (double ugh!), but when they saw the color they came home with, they knew it would be perfect.

Here are a few pictures Rob took while fixing it all up for me.  I am so excited.  

1.  Here's the actual trash can before he started:

2.  Next Rob disassembled it to make it easier to apply the duct tape.

3.  Here's a picture of the duct tape being applied to the trash can.

4.  And before you know it, I have my very own "walk on the wild side" trash can!  Woohoo!!

Yup, it's me all over.  Thanks for checking by today.  We are leaving Friday for the Blue Ridge Rally up in the mountains.  Check on the trips page to read all about it.  I think we are all excited to be going camping again soon.

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod (for the rest of the gang)


  1. Hey Pod, you've got a wild-looking trashcan there! Aren't we the lucky ones with moms and dads who love to surprise us with camping happies! It will be good to see you again, but I wish you didn't have to wait until Friday to join us. Have a good trip up the mountain and I'll see you next week..your buddy Splash!

  2. Love it! I think you picked the perfect color.


  3. Hey Tink, you know they make a pink zebra duct tape that is all you!!! See everyone Friday! Rob