Friday, April 5, 2013

Busy Day.....

Happy Friday to all!!  Here the morning started off cloudy and cold but by this evening, the sun was shining bright, and the temperature managed to climb into the upper 60's.  

Our morning started off with errands and chores.  Trisha went to her parents, the hair salon, Sally's Beauty Supply, and back to her parents.  Rob unhitched Truck from pod, stopped by the cleaners, barber shop, gas station, took his mom out for lunch, to Merle Norman, and then to her hair salon.  

In between all of these errands, were several loads of laundry, and house cleaning.  Then this afternoon Rob cleaned the inside of pod, washed and dried the outside, then cleaned-up Truck too.  We're not sure where all these "To-Do" items came from, because we were all caught up when we left last Friday for Charleston.

One major "To-Do" was waiting under the carport for Rob when we got home yesterday.  It will take Rob several days to finish this one!

That's 40 bales of pine straw stacked up neatly waiting on Rob to spread on the flower beds.  UGH!  

We told you yesterday there was a package waiting on pod when we got home.  Check it out.....

We just couldn't resist ordering this doormat when we saw it online.

Well tomorrow holds another "To-Do" list we want to get wrapped-up because before either of us will be ready for it, the ugly Monday Morning back to work  monster (the after Spring Break monster is especially ugly too) will rear it's ugly head.  

Thanks for checking by today.  We hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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