Monday, April 29, 2013

Happies, Buttons, and Signs, or Home from the Blue Ridge Rally........

Happy Monday everyone.  We pulled out of Big Meadow Campground in Townsend, TN about 7:30 am Sunday morning.  We arrived home about 1:00 pm Sunday afternoon.  We stopped once for gas and Mickey-Dees.  Plus one other bathroom break.  It rained nearly the whole trip.  Rob said the road was wetter than any 12 yards of the bottom of the Mississippi River.  Now that's wet!!

In spite of the rain we had a grand time.  This afternoon, Rob hung out the visor, small awning mat, and door mat to dry.

He then emptied the Yeti, finished cleaning out Pod's fridge, and worked to finish the laundry before Trisha got home from school.

But we wanted to take a minute to shout-out THANKS to Ella for the "happy" (unexpected gift) she gave Trisha.  It makes a great change holder in Pod

Then we wanted to show you the neat camping buttons Cousin Sharon makes for everyone attending the Blue Ridge Rally.  Rob having spent many years in Scouting, says the buttons are like patches.  You should see Rob's patch collection!  We have hung our collection inside of Pod as mementos of our trips.

We don't have buttons from the first two rallies.  The very first T@B rally only Rob attended and it was a last minute thing when someone had cancelled.  The second rally we both attended but once again because of a last minute cancellation.   We're not sure but we may have been the only non-T@bbers at those first two rallies.

The last button is a very special button Rob received last year.  He is only one of four or five people who have been to the first five Blue Ridge T@B Rallies!!  He says he's working on his 10 year button now!!  

Well that's about it for today!!   Be sure to keep a check on Cousin Sharon's Postcards blog to hear all about the caravan several of the BRR participants are on this week!!  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.


  1. I'll make you buttons from the 1st and 2nd BRR so your collection will be complete. After all, you were there!!!

    1. OH wow!! That would be great! I haven't forgot about the pot holders!! :-) Have bunches of fun on your caravan. Rob