Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jackson Reports in from OBX.......

Hey everyone, Jackson here.  I told dad I wanted to make a post so he said I could tell everyone about the trip to OBX (that's the Outerbanks in case you didn't know.)  Mom and dad left the house early Monday morning but said they would be back shortly.  I guess I didn't believe them, because I pitched a "hissy-fit" as Grandma Von says.  They did come back (they had just gone to breakfast) hitched up the pod and we were soon on the road.  I think mom was excited to go to the beach, because she even made chocolate chip cookies to take.

Now it seemed like I rode in the truck for days, dad says it is only 365 miles, but I'm not sure what a mile actually is.  Our final destination was here, the KOA at Cape Hatteras.

As we rode, I was sooooo bored.  Dad said he would sing for me.....


Now don't tell dad, but he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!

Then we had to stop on some bridge somewhere, and let this dumb sailboat pass by....

Finally, we got there, checked-in, and set-up camp. 

It wasn't too long afterwards that mommy and I were taking a well deserved nap!  (Remember, we had to listen to dad singing in the truck.)

Later that evening we went for another ride, and I got my picture taken in front of something called a lighthouse.  

Then finally on Tuesday morning, I got to go play on the beach.

I need to wrap this up for now.  Dad says the internet here isn't too good so he doesn't know how much he'll get to post this week, but he'll try to post everyday.  He also says to tell everyone, "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful."  (Whatever that means.)

Until next time, dad says for everyone to stay safe out there.......-R,T,&J.

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  1. Thanks for the post Jackson! Those of us in the foothills really are jealous that you are on the coast. Have fun and make your Mom & Dad feed you some seafood!