Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Tribute......

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!!  We wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!  We won't be going camping over the holiday, but next weekend R&T's Pod will be out and about.

Rob wanted to do a Memorial Day salute to our family members who have served in the US Armed Forces as a way of honoring them for their service.

This first picture is of Rob's grandfather R.G. Ritchie, Sr., USA

He served in France in World War I

The back of this picture is labeled:

Chatillon, France
Jan.  1919

 This picture is labeled:

"U.S.S. South Carolina"
"Ship that brought us home"

On the back is written:
Sailed from Brest France May 26, 1919
We landed Newport News, VA.  Sunday June 8, 1919 2:30pm.  Arrived  home (Landis, NC)  June 20, 1919.

Next is Rob's father, R.Guy Ritchie, Jr., USAF (Ret)

This is his official retirement picture.  We have lots of pictures to choose from, but Rob likes this one the best. 

He served in both the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict.

Next is Rob's brother. 

Cullen B. Ritchie, USN. 

Operation Desert Storm

Now Rob has lots of pictures of his brother in uniform, but once again, this is his favorite.

An here is a picture of Rob's uncle: Kenneth G. Jones, USA.  

Cullen's youngest son is named in  honor of Uncle Kenny.

While these are all the family members we have pictures of in their uniforms, they are not all the family members who have served in the US Armed Forces at one time or another.

Here are a few more that Rob remembers:

Elige E. Jones, Sr.  USA                       WWI
Jesse C. Sigmon, Jr. USA                     WWII
William R. Jones, USA                         Korea
Marshall Lambeth, Merchant Marine  WWII
Steven Lambeth, USMC (Ret)  
A.A. Peeler, USA                                 WWII  (Occupation Forces)

Thanks for checking by today.  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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