Saturday, May 5, 2012

Signs from the Holler and other stuff........

Happy Saturday!!!  Friday here at the Holler started off with a great Two-Buck breakfast from Becky and Sharon.  Then everyone sorta did whatever they wanted to do, explore, walk, visit, or just not much at all.  Rob was still feeling groggy from his encounter with the wild bungee-cord, so he chose the "not much at all" option for the day.  Trisha and Becky jumped in the truck, when to a craft store and who knows where else.  Then there was the wine-tasting trip, cornhole, campfire, and just plain having fun to round out the day.  Now we aren't going to tell you everything that happens here in the holler, cause  you know, "What happens in the holler, stays in the holler!"  If you missed out on the fun this year, you'll just have to come to the BRR next year! 

Rob did take a few pictures today.  Some signs, statues, and whatever else interesting that caught his eye.  Enjoy!!

One of the neatest signs of the day was the sign Cousin Sharon found.  I guess you could say, "Here's your sign cuz!"

Finally, Trisha is always bugging Rob to take pictures and have them posted on the blog.  So here are some she took Friday.

Nuff said!  Have a great day and check back later for more from the holler.  Until then, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J

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