Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thanks are in order........

Well it's Saturday night at the holler, the Holler Hoedown was a success, Snatch-a-Gift was a hoot, and now lots of the group are around the final campfire of the 2012 BRR.  Some people left today, some are leaving very early in the morning, but by about lunch time tomorrow all that will be left are memories and photos. 

This post tonight is for Sharon who spends months planning the Blue Ridge Rallys.  Also, I know Sharon couldn't pull it off without lots of help from her sister Becky.  Here's a great big THANKS to the two of them for all their hard work in making each of these rallys the successes they are.

And if you don't think Sharon is a woman on the go at these rallys,  just check out the next few pictures I caught of her today......

Check out her "cape" on the back of the golf cart.  You know she had the petal to the metal.  That's all for tonight.  I'll take a few days off and then post more pictures from the BRR.  Check back soon, until then stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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