Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Break 2010......

Well here it is nearly the end of February, and I'm making a post about Spring Break.  Wishful thinking huh?  For our Spring Break in April of 2010, Trisha and I took the pod to Hilton Head Island, SC.  We stayed five nights at the Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina.  This was sort of a "spur of a moment" trip.  Due to bad weather back in January of that year, we weren't sure we would even have a Spring Break, but as it was, we only lost the Friday of that week.  So I called and they had a couple of openings, and as they (whomever they are) say, the rest is history.  HAHA
Here we are, all ready to go.  We stopped at a local restaurant on the way out of town for breakfast.  Of course, when we came out of the restaurant to leave, we had to give a tour of our pod.  This is something most if not all of our fellow podders know all about.  
This is the only picture I took of our site.  I guess we were in such a hurry to not be in a hurry, I forgot to take a few more pictures once we had our r-dome all set-up and lounge chairs out.  
Here's an evening view from the marina at the resort.  I say resort because it definitely was not a campground.  Ours was by far the smallest RV there, but we didn't care one bit!  We still had a wonderful time.
This is our favorite restaurant on HHI.  We liked it so much we ate lunch there three times!  The reason we ate lunch instead of dinner, is the lunch meals are the same as the dinner meals, but for about half the price.  

While we did a little shopping, we did a lot more sight-seeing.  One  day we drove into Beaufort, SC.  It's a beautiful town with a wonderful waterfront park.  Here are a few pictures.

One of the things I enjoyed best about Beaufort, was the National Cemetery.  I do enjoy visiting National Cemeteries, and have visited several over the years.  Here are a few pictures from there.

We really enjoyed our peaceful time at HHI, and hope to go back one day.  So until next post....Stay safe out there....-R,T,and J

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