Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Mods.......

One of the fun things that go along with pod ownership is looking at others and making your own mods (or modifications).  I posted a few of them I have done, and today I think I will post a few more.

The first mod I want to show you wasn't hard, but took several hours. Plus it was hot (read 90's) which didn't help much.  This was the addition to stop/tail/turn lights to the fenders of my pod.  Now I am NOT going to get into all the controversy over these lights, but this is what I did.
Here you can see me wiring up the light, with my fan, and Jackson who was helping me.  I spent quite a lot of time looking for things Jackson had "moved" for me.  

This is an amber light on the front of the fender.  I chose to use stop/turn/tail lights instead of simple running lights.  These lights are LED US-DOT approved.

  Here's a picture from the rear.  I had turned on the turn signals, only to realize you can't really take a still picture of a flashing light.  I guess the heat was affecting my brain.  

The next mod was to figure out a way to use our flat-screen TV/DVD combo.  We tried, oh how we tried to use the TV that came with our pod, but it just didn't work out very well.
This is the inside of the microwave cabinet.  I took out the micro, installed additional bracing for the TV and then re-installed the microwave.  

Here are the hanging bolts seen from the outside of the cabinet.  I take the TV down between trips for it's own safety and because the TV hangs where the slide is when it is run in.

This is the TV mount I found somewhere on the internet.  It cost less than 10 bucks, until you counted shipping.  (Which was more than the cost of the mount!)

Here is the finished product.  In another post, I will post a few pictures of the 120volt outlet and cable connection I also added below the TV.  This set-up works much better for us.  

The last mod was to the wet bath.  I had looked at the extend-a-shower rods.  They were a great idea, but just were too big for the  pods shower doorway.  Here's my homemade solution.
This is what it looks like when the bathroom door is closed.  

Here is the finished product.  This mod was very simple, and it adds 5 to 6 inches of elbow room to the wet bath.  This additional space makes a huge difference in how functional the wet bath is.  

These mods were fun to do, and I have enjoyed showing them to you.  I have more mods to show, but they are for another post.  Until next time....Stay safe out there...-R,T, and J

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