Saturday, February 18, 2012

The RV Show and IKEA

Today Trisha and I went to the North Carolina RV and Camping show at The Park in Charlotte.  It was supposed to be a cloudy, dreary, even rainy day, but it was actually nicely sunny and mild (low 60's).  I had not been to an RV show in a way long time, and Trisha had never been to one.  We were just blown away at all the different versions, brands, colors, and prices of the RV's available today!

We knew when we started walking up to the event center and saw RV's parked outside that we were in for a treat.

We show was held at "The Park" in Charlotte.  Formerly know to many as the Charlotte Merchandise Mart.  I guess they fancied up the name to  justify charging six bucks to park.  

The first camper I want to show is of course an r-pod.  It was the only one at the show, and the dealer we bought ours from had it there.  It was one of the new "rear garage" models in the new  paint scheme.

I wanted to show this little camper which as Trisha said, "This is basically one step up from a tent!" 

Then we saw this cute little 13 footer.  In fact we saw quite a few campers in this size range at the show.

We saw this really neat retro looking camper called an "Element."  There were two models a the show, a 24 ft single axle and a 26 ft dual axle.

Here's a neat A-model style that has found a new owner this weekend.  These are nice campers also.

Of course, there were rows and rows of pop-ups.

Long, long, travel trailers.

More long, long travel trailers.  And even though I didn't take a picture of any, all sort's of fifth-wheel RV's too!

Here's just one of the many, many motor homes, Class B's, Class C's, Super C's and Class A's that were at the show to look at (and buy).

After we left the RV show, we went to:
Yup you guessed it, IKEA.  We were only two of the 14 million or so it seemed people there.  We walked around, (well elbowed our way around) bought a few things, and headed back home.  

We had a fun time on our trip, and it was a great way to spend a warm, sunny February Saturday.  As always, thanks for dropping by to read this post, and Stay Safe Out There.  -R,T,&J....

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