Monday, July 17, 2017

The Best Kind of a Monday Morning......

Good Monday morning all. This is the best kind of a Monday morning.  We're back at Raccoon Holler Campground, enjoying a peaceful, sleep-in, cool, mountain sort of Monday morning.

Miss Anne and the gang left home a little after eleven Sunday morning, and we were here about 1:30 or so Sunday afternoon.   We had an un-eventful drive here, in fact, we took the "long" way so we could enjoy a nice little BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway) drive before arriving at the campground.

It didn't take us long to set up camp and enjoy a couple sandwiches for a lite lunch.  About the time we were finishing our sandwiches, Cousin Sharon and Murphy, who are also camping here this week, drove up to visit.  

Now you may ask why drive over.  Well, it's like this.  Cousin Sharon and our campsites are on opposite ends of the campground.  We both have what many would consider the two of the top three sites in the entire campground.  (Insert a big dose of good luck, karma, etc. here as the cause to this!!)  But true to the NC mountains, it is uphill both ways between our two campsites...HAHA.

We even got a picture of cousin Sharon's campsite on the way out last evening to enjoy a BRP drive.  This was a drive by shooting of sorts.  If you zoom in, you can even see what cousin Sharon is watching on TV!!!

It was a wonderful afternoon of visiting and sitting around the campfire.  Supper was provided by the GMG, baked salmon and it sure was yummy.

We had a few technical difficulties at first with the GMG, but only because it blew a fuse upstream in the electrical connection that Rob didn't know about.  That was quickly remedied, and before long dinner was cooking.  Rob set the GMG up on the back rack of Miss Anne, and of course, he's already planning a couple mods to make an outdoor cooking area.....

After a wonderful dinner of baked salmon, corn salad (thanks cousin Sharon!!) and cole slaw, cousin Sharon went back to her place, and we went for an evening ride on the BRP.  

There are just too many beautiful views to take a picture of them all, but here's one for you anyway......

We arrived back to camp just on the edge of dark.  It was time for Miss Anne to show off her new underbody lights....

So far this morning, Jackson and Rob have been on a long walk, Rob has started something yummy in the crockpot for a lunch gathering here in the campground, and whop cinnamon rolls have been fixed for breakfast.  

It looks to be a great mountain day here, and we sure do hope your day is great as well.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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  1. just got backed back in at home.. wish we was in the mountains with y'all.. have a great and cool week up there..