Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Lazy Monday......

Happy Tuesday morning all.  We're back with our latest blog post this morning.  The title says it all.  Yesterday was indeed a lazy Monday for us.  But that's a great kind of Monday isn't it?

Our morning was quiet, Rob fixed a crockpot full of Mac and Cheese for a lunch event we were invited to here at the campground.  Showers passed through after lunch and stayed around for the next several hours.  So right on cue, we just took naps, and generally did a whole bunch of nothing until the sun came back out later in the afternoon

Dinner was left over salmon, corn salad, mac and cheese, and smoked cheeses.  It was just as good as the evening before, maybe better.

After supper we all loaded up in Levi for a nice BRP cruise.  We saw two deer and lots of beautiful mountain vistas.   Here are a few pictures of our day, not many because Rob just didn't take very many.

Well there's no telling what today's adventures will be, so you'll just have to check back to tomorrow to find out.

Until next time, stay out there.....-R,T,&J. 

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