Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Life at Site 51H.....

Well hello there all.  It's Miss Anne here today.  I swiped the computer after Rob got his work finished this morning to try my luck with this blogging thing.   

Now I don't think we've been formally introduced, but I'm Miss Anne.  I'm a 2017 Surveyor 201RBS travel trailer that came to live with Mr. R and Mrs. T just a few short weeks ago.  Wow what a ride it as been so far.  My birthday is Jan. 5, 2017 incase anyone would like to know.

After sitting for several months on the dealer's lot up in Claremont, NC, the Mr. and Mrs. dropped by one Friday about lunchtime to look at new campers.  Next thing I know, a few days later, I'm being pulled out, washed, hooked up to shore power, and water, and all my systems are being tested and checked.   

Later that morning, I met not only the Mr. and Mrs., but Levi, the truck who will be tasked with the job of pulling me all over the place.   It is from Levi I learned a little about the Mr. and Mrs.  He told me about Pod, the cute little trailer they traded in for me, about how they love to go camping, a lot, and how Mr. R will keep me clean, in proper working order, and make a few changes called mods to me as we go along.

Just as Levi told me, Mr. R has washed me twice, waxed me once, has plans to get me my very own Camper Port, keeps me hooked up to power at all time, and has even done a few very nice mods along the way.   The Mr. and Mrs. have also decorated me very nicely inside, and have sorted and stored all of their camping gear in me.  

Some of the mods Mr. R has done to me so far is to add a built-in surge protector to protect my electrical system and electronics, a set of underbody lights for nighttime just because Mr. R thinks they look neat, a touchpad door lock, a second battery, rain covers for my vents, and a few other odds and ends.   He's looked, poked, and prodded just about every square inch of me just so he knows all about how I work.  He's even promised to update the blog over the next few weeks to tell a bit more about me.  

Now, as for today's blog title.  Well I'm parked this week at Raccoon Holler Campground in Glendale Springs, NC.  Levi told me this is one of the Mr. and Mrs. favorite campgrounds.  In fact, this is the second time we've all been here in just a couple weeks.  We're all in site 51H.  The "H" stands for hill and let me tell you, we're right at the top of the entire campground, and it sure is grand. 

This seems to have been a lazy week for the Mr. and Mrs.  They have been camping with the Mr.'s cousin Sharon, and her little doggie Murphy.  Sharon's camper is known as Splash T@B, whom I've not met yet, but I know I will soon.  Sharon's truck Splish, has been telling me all about Splash.  

Mr. R likes to take pictures, and apparently they all like to eat really good smelling food.  Mr. R has turned my rear rack into an outdoor kitchen, and I'm just betting there's a mod or two rattling around in  his head on how to make it an even better outdoor kitchen.  

Well enough chatting for today.  It's been great to meet y'all and I'm looking forward to more blog posts to come.  Before I leave you with some pictures of life from in and around site 51H, I have a question (well two.)  What exactly is a sticker?  And, should I be worried?

I think that's all for this post.  Thank you once again for the warm welcome and good wishes.  

Until next time, stay safe out there....Miss Anne

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