Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stickers, Fun, and Food......

Happy Saturday morning all.  We hope this latest post finds everyone enjoying their weekend so far.   As you can tell from the title, this little post will be all over the place, so lets get started.


Yep, don't worry, this trip involved stickers.......


There was fun to be had.......


And of course food was involved.  Be it square sausage, and cinnamon rolls, a patty melt from a local restaurant, a hot dog cookout, or an all night cook of a big hunk of pig on the GMG for today's covered dish supper!!


Have to have a miscellaneous picture
(A carpenter bee trap)

*****Extra Credit*****

And for extra credit, make up a caption or story to go with the picture.  Bet you can't guess who this is......well maybe you can 
after all if you think about it a quick minute.   

So as you can see, yesterday was a pretty random day.  Let's just sit back and see what today may bring.   I do know we're breaking most of our camp later this morning.  Rain is forecast to move in and we may have a rainy morning for hitching up and pulling out, but we've done that before.  So have a great weekend, and as always......

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J


  1. Stickers…YEAH. Good food…YIPPEE. Kissing a bear…YUCK. Crunched bumper…BOO HOO. Sunday will be a nasty day for traveling. Be safe Pod, R, T, & J!!

  2. I think the Westy sticker is going to be the first "side sticker" on the new truck...