Friday, April 21, 2017

A Thursday Sort of Day......

Happy Friday everyone from Townsend, Tennessee.  We're still camping at the KOA, attending the world famous Tink's Spring Fling.   We've had a great trip so far, so pull up a seat at let me tell you about Thursday.  

Our morning started with a some rain, which started just as Jackson and Rob stepped out from under the awning for Jackson's early morning walk.  As you can bet, that was one of the shortest dog walks in the history of dog walks!!  Thankfully, in just a short while, the rain moved on and the skies started to clear for what was to become a beautiful mountain day.   

We started our day with breakfast and a little bit of horse trading between Mark and Rob.   Seems back late last year, Mark had ordered this special cast iron skillet from Lodge.  Rob missed out, because it was a limited production, and sold out very quickly.   Some how between computer issues, and multiple phone calls by Mark to pay for his skillet, he managed to buy two skillets.   So of course, Rob bought the extra skillet from Mark.  

All the while, a hearty camping breakfast of waffles and bacon was being fixed and eaten.  (Yes, we can multi-task when food is involved!)

After breakfast, Susie went off to "work from camper" and Mark, Trisha, and Rob all loaded up in Ruby (Sue and Mark's new truck) to go explore Elkmont Campground.  

Even with no hookups, we decided this would be a great place to camp in the future.   By now it was getting close to sandwich thirty, so we rode back to camp, had sandwiches, naps, walks, etc. and greeted the last few podders to arrive.

We rode over to the dulcimer store, for Sue to have a good look, and word on the street is she may go back today and make a purchase.....

After our ride to the Dulcimer shop and back, we gathered for a quick dinner of burgers, steaks, and chips on the charcoal grill.  Of course we managed to sit outside for the rest of the evening and tell tall tales, and fix a camper or two in the process......

And just like that, before you know it, this particular Thursday was in the books and it was bedtime.  

Now there are plans for the day, but at this point we've not made them just yet, so we can't share them with you.  If you'll drop back by tomorrow, you can read all about them right here.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, &J.

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