Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow On My Butt.......

Happy Friday everyone.  It's Pod here this morning and I'm really, really, over this winter at this point.  I'm ready to go camping....RIGHT NOW!

Just look won't you?  I've got snow on my butt.  And that stuff is cold!

This stuff started in the small hours of this morning, and the weatherman says we'll get more snow, ice, freezing rain, etc. until Saturday morning.  UGH.  I tried to get Rob to hitch me up to Levi and let's all head south to warmer weather, but Rob said we'd just have to stay right here and tough it out.  

Poor Levi, it's his first snow, and I guess the only thing worse that snow on your butt, is snow on your nose....

I asked Levi if he was going to out and play in the snow, he and Rob both quickly answered, NO!  

Rob did get out this morning to take a few other pictures of our "winter storm in progress" so here you go.

The main chimney on house, long since cold, which was 
used daily in house's early years. 
Back then fireplaces were used as the sole source of heat.

Anyone care for a cold, snowy swing this morning?

Here's a left over outside Christmas decoration.
Remember how warm it was in December?

Mail today?  Maybe, maybe not.....

I sure hope the birds are keeping warm.

How many snow storms do you imagine
this old house has seen in
it's 90+ years?

A glider and a flower pot, patiently
waiting for the return of warmer weather.

A lonely chair, waiting for someone to have a seat.

One of the front walk lights, waiting for 
more of the forecasted wintery weather.

Rain gutters have temporarily become
"snow shelves."

And finally, yup that's me, waiting not 
so patiently for camping season to begin.

Ok, it's Pod signing off for now.  Everyone just keep warm and enjoy this yucky weather as best you can.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Just Pod


  1. "F" that evil mailbox. I hope a snow plow hits it and then runs over it. :p