Friday, January 1, 2016

It is 2016 and Honey Badger don't care.....

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  From the whole gang here at team R&T, we hope that 2015 was good to you.  If it wasn't, well it's gone, and it is our greatest wish that 2016 is a banner year for all.  

We've had another great year of travel and camping (49 nights total), although it hasn't been without challenges.  We've seen changes in the form of both new family members and those family members who are no longer with us.   Heck, there's even been changes to team R&T this past year.  It would be safe to say this past year has been filled with good times, and times not so good, but on the whole, it has been a good year for us.  

We've been at the beach since Dec 26th, with good friends Mark and Susie of furpod fame, and also our friend and former podder Kevin.  

Rob didn't take many pictures of our trip this time.  It seems his trusty old Nikon suffered a bad fall, and wasn't working all that well.  Rob ordered himself a new Nikon, and the older one has been relegated to back-up camera status.   Here's two of his favorite from the week.

The weather this week at the beach was just great.  We only had one extended period of rain and that was from about bed time Thursday night until daylight Friday morning.  We had more Sun than clouds, but more importantly we had a great week spent with dear friends, doing whatever we felt like we wanted to do.  

We made no less than three trips to Camping World, a stop by Target, several trips to the grocery store, one to CVS, Trisha broke a crown, Rob discovered his camera was sick, we won't even mention Kevin's awning mishap, a trip to the Hammocks Shoppes at Pawley Island, ate lunch at the Inlet Crab House in Murrells Inlet and Bisquit at Pawleys Island, ate supper at 5 Guys, bought way to many t-shirts, cooked and ate better than was good for us, and in general  had a wonderful week at the beach.  

In fact, it is this good time we'd like to speak about more specifically.  You see, when we left to go to the beach, rain, a good bit of rain, was in the forecast for every single day.  Being the "honey badger" campers we are, we just sucked it up and went anyway, thus lending support to the old saying, "If you wait for perfect weather to go camping, you'll never go camping!"  

So for 2016, don't sit home waiting for good weather, enough time off, heck even enough money, just "honey badger" it and go!  Get out there, battle the swarms of mosquitos, traffic, rain, wind, and even the sun.  You never know, you might just have a good time anyway.

Well that's it for this New Year's Day.  Once again, thanks for following us this past year, and as always.

Until next time, stay safe out there......-All the current and former members of team R&T!


  1. A good time was had, that's for sure.. And T-shirt purchases were off the hook.. :)

  2. What a great way to end the 2015 camping season! Now we get to set our sights on 2016, which is shaping up to be one exciting series of camping trips. Happy New Year to Team R&T from Sharon, Splish, and Splash!