Monday, January 18, 2016

A Cold Winter's Day Camping Project.....

Happy Monday everyone.  It's Pod here bringing you yet another blog post.  It's a cold, blustery, winter's day here in North Carolina.  It's bright and sunny, but the temps are struggling to get above the freezing mark.  Tonight's lows are forecast to be in the low teens.  That's just Brrrrr.....

Rob and Trisha both have today off from school thanks to the MLK holiday.  Rob was up and out early, he has a second job with a local non-profit that he does mostly from home.  He took advantage of the day off from school to actually drive into the office to get some paperwork done.  

As for that camping project, well it's a perfect one for a windy winter's day.  Rob saw this over on the CDO Facebook page he belongs to, and he's been gathering up the supplies needed to complete this project.

What is today's project?  Well it is a license plate windscreen for CDO cooking on a windy day.  This is a neat idea, and Rob did some searching around and only had to buy four 3-packs of figure 8 hooks (s-hooks would work just fine, but this is what Lowes had.)  He also did buy a Ford Tractor license plate at Tractor Supply this morning because he liked it, and it was on clearance.  

Here's a picture of all the parts and pieces laid out on the table saw in the shop ready for assembly.....

Here's you can see the license plates all hooked together.  Rob said he turned them different ways just because.  

In fact, each of the license plates tell a story.  So, from left to right....

1.  The plate that was on Trisha's 1995 Honda Accord.  This is the car Trisha owned when Rob and Trisha got married.
2.  The Dealer plate on the front of Levi when he came home to live with us.
3.  The license plate on Anne's 2002 Buick when she passed away.  This was Trisha's mom's car.
4.  A Cheerwine license plate just because.
5.  A Ford Tractor plate Rob found at Tractor Supply on clearance that he really liked.
6.  A NCSU "Strutting Wolf" Speciality License plate from 1990 that Rob had on a 1998 Dodge Dynasty.  That car stayed in the family until 2003.  Rob gave it to a friend and neighbor who had recently had open heart surgery and was having a tough time of it.  The neighbor drove the car a few more years until the car itself died of old age at 350,000 plus miles.  

Here's a couple pictures of how the windscreen will look when it's in use.   Of course, no actual charcoal was involved in the taking of these pictures.  

Then finally, one of the neatest things about his windscreen is how it folds up compactly for storage and travel.

Well there you have it, a neat CDO windscreen that also has a bit of nostalgia and some sweet family memories built right in.  

Everyone hunker down and keep warm these next couple of days and dream of spring.  

Until next time, stay safe out there (and warm too).......-Just Pod


  1. That's very cool CDO windscreen Pod! Your Papa Rob is a smart fellow.
    So smart in fact, I'm going to be needing his help soon when my new LP cover arrives from the T@B factory in Sugarcreek, OH. Momma Sharon will be chatting with him to see if he can help with the installation. Stay warm tonight! ~ Splash