Monday, January 19, 2015

A Sign of the Times......

Happy Monday everyone, it's P-Nutty here.  I swiped the computer for a bit to make today's blog post.  You see, I've been sneaking around taking a few pictures of Mr. R today.  He's making this super secret camping sign for Cousin Sharon's Blue Ridge Rally.  

He's determined not to let any of the T@bber's show him up.  So I just wanted to see if I could get a few pictures on the sly to let everyone see what he's done so far.  

Whew it wasn't easy.  First I had to convince Mr. R to let me use his big ole Nikon Camera.  He thought I looked funny trying to hold it and he even took my picture.  Little did he know......

Perhaps I should go back a few years to the previous camper Mr. and Mrs. R had.  It was a little pop-up camper named the "Pop-Ritchie" after Mr. R's grandfather "Pop" Ritchie.  Pretty neat huh?  Well Mr. R had made a sign for it, so this camper sign making stuff isn't anything new for Mr. R.  Check it out....

Now cousin Sharon made a blog post once about Mr. R and his "Tinkeritis" you should jump over there and read all about it.  I'm not exactly sure where to find the blog post, maybe Cousin Sharon will help us out with the link.  

Anyway, once I got Mr. R to turn me loose with the camera I got down to business.  Now that Nikon was heavy, and it has lots of buttons, dials, and settings, and I messed with everyone of them. 
If the pictures aren't all that great, it was the best I could do and be sneaky at the same time.  So check them all out here.....

Now I'm not sure what all the different tools and such are, but I know Mr. R does and he worked for quite awhile measuring, cutting, and even once saying one naughty word for some reason.

Next thing I know, Mr. R caught on to what I was trying to do, so he scooted me out of the shop.....

And I had to hang out on the door edge to finish watching.

I do know Mr. R got the sign assembled and it looks awesome.  I also knew I had better scoot back in the house and swipe this computer to make this blog post real quick before he noticed.  

I'll be sure to post some more later if I can swipe the camera and sneak around the shop to take some more pictures.

Thanks for reading my blog post today.  

Until next time, stay safe there.....-P-Nutty.


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  2. Hey P-nutty . . . Splash here! I cannot wait to see what Mr. R's sign looks like. Momma Sharon has her design completed, but hasn't started actually making it yet. She said that it would give Pod's a run for his money!! While I'm at it, here's the link to Mom's blog about Tinkeritis… See you soon!!