Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Snow Day.....

Hello everyone!!  Today here in our corner of the world, it is a SNOW DAY!!  We are both home from school.  Monday morning bright and early, Rob had a screening colonoscopy.  The results were excellent and he won't have to repeat the experience for 10 years!!!

Then the sleet started falling Monday afternoon.  All we got was sleet, mixed with a little snow toward the end of the storm.  Other areas just got snow, or a mix of freezing rain, sleet, snow, etc.

This morning after sleeping late and cooking a real breakfast, Rob got out and about with his trusty Nikon.  He's a picture of Pod hunkered down safely in Pod-Port dreaming about warm weather....

Rob also made a collage or three of Snow Day 2015.  Enjoy.....

Thanks for checking by today.  The plan for today is to just relax and enjoy the quite time at home.

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T,&J.

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