Monday, October 6, 2014

School On a Saturday......

Happy Monday to all.  Yup you read the title of this blog post correctly.  Rob did indeed have school on a Saturday.  From 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Rob spent his day with Tim the owner of The Soap Shed in Spruce Pine, NC and one other student to learn the art and science of soap making.  

The morning was spent learning some of the history of soap making, chemistry involved,  the safety requirements of working with caustic soda, the math calculations needed, the different oils used and why, reviewing the supplies needed to be successful maker of soap, and making a batch of lye soap.

This took us to nearly 1:00 p.m.  After a break for lunch which was provided as part of the class fee, we then made our own batch of soap.  Rob said he really had a blast taking this class and it was way fun to talk with Tim to learn some of the tips and tricks he's learned over the past 17 years or so in the soap making business.

Yes, Math is involved.

Tim, mixing a demonstration batch of lye soap.

Tim checking his notes as the other student watches.

At last, Rob's first official batch of homemade soap.

After class, (and paying for Trisha's soap purchases) we headed back to the campsite, to talk with the owners a bit, run and get our propane bottle filled, and then head to supper.  

Tonight we chose Italian for supper, and it was really good......

That's it for this evening's blog post.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about the rest of our weekend camping adventure.

Until next time.....-R,T,&J (who is sleeping in Rob's lap as he types this post!!)  

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