Sunday, October 5, 2014

A New Campground.....

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone.  We've been to the mountains camping this weekend.  Rob had a soap making class at The Soap Shed in Spruce Pine, NC.  Trisha just wanted to have a weekend of shopping without Rob to bug her.  

This past week had been a bit of a chore with Rob finding out on Wednesday he needed to have a old dental bridge replaced, and with Trisha finding out on the same afternoon she needed a new crown.

Can you say KA----CHING??

At any rate, we set out Friday afternoon just as it started to rain here.  We arrived at the Linville Falls Trailer Lodge and Campground about 5:30, after the rain had left.  The owner told us it had been drizzly all day.  We quickly set up camp and set off to a Mexican Restaurant in Pineola, NC.  

As you can see from both of these pictures it was a grey, over-cast evening.  After a delicious supper, we headed back to camp to set beside the Little Red Campfire a bit before heading in for the night.

Before going to bed for the evening, Rob set out the ceramic heater so if we needed it through the night, it wouldn't take but a minute to plug in and turn on.  Sure enough, about five a.m. Rob had to plug in the heater.  About three minutes later, the power went off.  Now it was real windy all night long, and this campground is under a heavy tree cover.  So Rob switched on the propane furnace, switched the fridge over to propane, and switched on the propane for the hot water heater and went back to bed.  All was good until about 7:30 when the propane tank ran empty.  Now you have to understand we've used this same tank of propane since buying Pod in December 2009.  So Rob simply switched over to the spare tank and we were back in business.  

Having to be at Soap making Class (another blog post, hehe) in Spruce Pine by 9:30, we showered, dressed, and loaded up in Truck to head out after talking to our neighbor's to confirm the power loss was more than our site. 

On our way out of the campground, another camper stopped us to see if we had some jumper cables.  Rut-roh.  Of course we did, and we stopped, helped this poor cold tent camper get his truck started, then were finally on our way.  

As we hopped on the BRP, Trisha suddenly remembered she didn't have her purse.  Rob offered to go back to Pod and get it, but no, her purse was locked safely in her car back home.  Oh well, Trisha got to do a bunch of looking and very little buying.  

At this point, we'll stop our story and give our impressions of Linville Falls Campground.

1.   Very, very clean bathhouse.

2.  Very quite.

3.  $35.00 (cash only) a night included 30 amp, water, and sewer.

4.  The site was a good sized pull through.  (the only pull through)

5.  This was one of the only six or so 30 amp sites available.  The 
rest were 15 amp service, water, and some sewer.  

6.  This entire campground is wooded, so lots of shade.

1.  Power issues.  When our power went out, Rob checked the outlets at the power pedestal with his Fluke meter.  The outlets were not energized.  The only reason this is a con, is when talking with the owner later that afternoon, he said he never reset the breaker in the main box for our site, so he couldn't understand why we didn't have power.

2.  The five 30 amp sites are a nice size.  The other sites could be a bit small, but totally do-able for r-pods, T@Bs, etc. In fact we're in site 27 in three weeks for the weekend again.  It's $25.00 a night for just water and 15 amp electric.

3.  Not sure if this is a con, but if your in one of the 15 amp sites in cold weather, you need to have a way to heat other than a small electric heater.  Also, in summer, no A/C could be used, but at 3800 feet in elevation, most likely wouldn't need it.

In sum up, if your looking for a quite, small, rustic, campground, high up in the NC mountains, less that half a mile from the BRP, this is it.  If your looking for a more "resort" type of experience, keep on driving.  

We enjoyed our time here and as we said earlier, have reservations for a return trip in three weeks.  This weekend was extremely busy as camping weekends go, so check back tomorrow for the next part of our story.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, but no J (grandma sitting again)

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