Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is There Really Gold in Ft. Knox???

Happy Saturday evening everyone.  We've had a great day visiting with our friends Mark and Susie.  As we all figured, Jackson was the first one awake the morning, and he made sure Rob was a close second.

After a long early morning walk, Rob and Jackson hung out downstairs being real quiet until everyone else was up and moving. 

After a five star breakfast of homemade Susie biscuits, bacon, eggs, and grits (a la Mark) we made our plans for the day.  These included a stop by Walgreens for a couple items, a drive by the for real Ft. Knox Gold Depository.  As to there being any gold there....well we'll leave that up you each of you to decide for yourself.  

Our next stop was the George S. Patton Museum.  This used to also include the main US Army Armored exhibits.  The largest part of the Armored vehicles have now been moved to another location, and the museum showcases the leadership principles of some of the US Army's greatest uniformed leaders.

Below you can read the very first leadership principles displayed as you enter the museum.  Can you guess who said this????

We toured the museum, and while it was good, it seemed to be trying to figure out what's next as several of the exhibits were works in progress with no explanation at all.

Here are two picture collages of our visit to the Patton Museum....

Check out that awing on Patton's mobile command vehicle!

Then was was back to Mark and Susie's home where Mary, Ann, and Drew were waiting on us.  After some relaxing time, Papa John's was our chef for dinner.  

Once finished eating, Mark and Rob did a few things to get ready for tomorrow's drive to Goshen.  

We were all pretty tired from our day, so we were all off to bed kinda early.  The plan is to blast off for Goshen about nine in the morning.  Check back for our first blog post from Goshen tomorrow evening.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, & J.

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