Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How Much do Podder's Love Their Pods????

Well Susan T. of the Surveyor/R-Pod division of Forest River will tell you she loves both Pods and their Podders this much.....

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Before we left for our F.R.O.G. adventure, we both went shopping for rain jackets.  We laughed and called them our "Going to Goshen Rain Coats."  Well we got that right.  

We woke up to a drizzly rain this morning.  It continued to drizzle off and on until early afternoon when the sun tried to come out and the temperature turned off warm and humid.  

Today was a quite day of just hanging around the fairgrounds.  Visiting with other podders, getting ready for the Pod-Luck dinner this evening, and just generally resting from the prior busy days. 

We also made plans for tomorrow's adventure so you'll have to check back to read all about that.

If you remember from yesterday, we introduced Squire Lee whom we call Darryl for short.  Seems Darryl is a weather squirrel.....

Weather Squirrel 
Wet Tail = Rain
Dry Tail = No Rain
Moving Tail = Wind
Can't see tail = Nightime
No Tail = Big Dog

ps.  That's Maggie of furpod fame who is photobombing the picture.

As you can see, the "Domes were Homes" to lots of podders this morning.....

The ice cream truck did show up.....

And it wasn't lost on some of us podders about ice cream, the name of the ice cream business, and our nickname for the 179 model pod......

Yes, that's right.   You just have to love that word Bodacious....

Just one more picture for this blog post.  It's from "Pete's Dinner" last night.  It's another group of Podders  having what we're sure is way too much fun...

Yes, this post today is early.  I'm sure we'll be busy at the Pod-Luck this evening and Rob is sure to take lots of pictures.  So maybe we'll try to make a short post later tonight afterwards.

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T, & J.


  1. Great post today R, T, J, PI & PN! Darryl the weather squirrel is some kind of talented. Great photo of Tink...tell her I said hello. Cannot wait for another post...tonight, tomorrow, whenever! Have fun y'all.

  2. Sure, I was crocheting for a couple of hours and you had to take a picture when I was looking something up on my phone! LOL! Good post!