Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lucky Number 13......

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone.  We're camping at the New River State Park once again.  We hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Give us a minute and we'll explain more about the title to this Post.

You see Rob's niece Jessa flew in from her home in Seattle to visit for the week.  Jessa's other grandmother and some other family members live in the Jefferson, NC area.  So a plan was hatched to bring Jessa up to visit them, along with a short weekend camping trip.  

Our trip up Friday afternoon was uneventful until dropping Jessa off at her aunt's house.  Then about a mile from the campground we were run off the side of the road by an on-coming 18-wheeler.  Once arriving at the campground the power switch on the tongue jack self-destructed, and the only sandwich fixings we had packed were a loaf of bread and a bottle of Honey Mustard dressing.

What did we do? Well we fixed scrambled eggs, fried some bacon, and baked some WHOP biscuits for supper.  It sure was yummy.  

This morning we headed out to Shatley Springs for breakfast but wound up at Bojangles instead (too many people at Shatley Springs!)  Went by mountain outfitters in West Jefferson for a t-shirt for Trisha and stickers for Rob.  Then by Lowes for a few items and a special screwdriver so Rob can fix the power jack.

The weather is just perfect, Trisha is doing progress reports, and Rob will soon be reading.  

Here's a picture of our campsite....

Here's Trisha hard at work on Progress Reports.....

And finally, here's a close up picture of the Power Jack....

Thanks for checking by today.  This is going to be a lazy weekend for us.  The campsite next door does  have a Cub Scout Pack so it's been fun watching all their activities.  We hope they have a great time!!!

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T, but no J.

Oh yeah, the number 13??  Why that's our site number.  :-)

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