Sunday, September 1, 2013

If It's Raining......

Then we must be camping.  Happy Sunday afternoon everyone.  We sure hope your enjoying your Labor Day weekend.  As long as you don't get too bothered by a little rain, ours has been great.  

We started this morning with a breakfast casserole and "whop" biscuits.  Then we got ourselves together, visited with our neighbors who are T@Bbers, then rode over to West Jefferson to Mountain Outfitters to get each of us a "Life Is Good" t-shirt.  

About the time we left the campground, the rains came.  We drove through a pretty good rain shower, but the rain was mostly gone by the time we got to West Jefferson.  Unfortunately, Mountain Outfitters had a sign on their door, "Close due to Computer Problems."  Rob said they just wanted to take the day off!  We did stop by Pizza Hut to pick up a pizza to take back with us for lunch.

We promised to tell you about Rob's exciting Saturday morning.  Well it seems just after Trisha left for the bathhouse, Rob decided to put a pot of tea on the stove to make sweet iced tea.  Rob dug a pot and lid out of the cabinet.  When he turned on the hot water tap at the kitchen sink, he had an instant water fountain.  Since it was the hot water tap, he said the water was getting warm fast.  

So Rob tried to put the water tap back in the faucet, but he very quickly realized this wasn't going to work.  The next (and only other plan) was to put the pot he was holding over the water fountain to try and contain the damage, and dash out of the camper and turn the water off!!

Needless to say, we had a mess!!  By the time Trisha returned from the bathhouse, Rob did have it all cleaned up, a clothes line strung for all the wet towels to dry, and had even tried to repair the faucet.  So we carefully tried the repair, which was a failure, meaning a trip to Lowes was in order.

Here's a picture of the factory faucet.  You can see it is now a "two-part" faucet, which isn't good.

Here's a picture of the faucet we bought at Lowes.  It was $68.00 plus tax.  We looked at the faucets the same color as the factory original, but they cost twice as much.  They were also for a 3 or 4 hole application.  The pod's counter top only had two holes drilled it.  Rob didn't want to buy a hole saw to drill the third hole since he has a perfectly good one back home in the shop.

The new faucet does have a lifetime warranty (whatever that means these days).   It only took a few minutes to disconnect the old faucet and remove it, then install the new faucet.  A quick leak test and all was good.

We are back in business with a bright shiny new chrome faucet.  As Rob told a new pod owner over on Facebook, this has been the most "dramatic" parts failure we've had in our four seasons camping with Pod.

Thanks for checking by today.  We will be winding up this trip tomorrow when as we go back home.  Even though this as been a somewhat damp weekend, it has been a fun one.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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  1. Sorry you've had to deal with rain, but hopefully you'll have a good day to pack and head home Monday. Say hello to Steve & Deb for me and tell them I'm sorry I missed them Saturday. Tell Jackson that Murphy and Gracie said they enjoyed their visit with him, even though he did try to get a little personal from time to time!