Saturday, September 7, 2013

Butt Stickers.......

OK everyone, when you through laughing, I'll explain more.  It's Pod here again today.  Trisha is gone to the Beauty Salon and Rob is washing Truck, so I snitched some more computer time.  

I just had to share a link to Cousin Splash's blog about her new Butt Sticker.  If you click right here, you will be magically transported over to her blog to read all about it!  I also had to show you a new sticker I got in the mail yesterday.  

Seems last weekend when we were all camping in the mountains, Trisha and Rob saw this neat Dachshund window sticker on the back window of a car.  So Trisha did some searching on her iPhone and soon found out where to get one (or four in our case).

So in the mail yesterday there it was, the package with the new stickers.  Now when Rob came out to the Pod-port last evening to put one on me, I told him I thought I had quite enough stickers on my butt!  I mean just look below.....

Don't you think enough is enough!  I did manage to convince Rob to find a new place for this latest sticker.  Here's a picture of it, what do you think?

He put this new sticker on my large side window.  Jackson loves to sit on the back of my sofa when he is camping with us and look out.

So anyway, thanks for checking by today.  I think Rob is just about through giving Truck a bath so I need to scoot.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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