Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pod's Afternoon at the Spa.....

Hey there everyone, it's R&T's-Pod here.  I got to make this post today.  It has been awhile since I last made a post, plus this afternoon was just wonderful for me.  

The day started off really foggy, and it took until nearly noon for the fog to burn off.  But it was warm, and in the middle of the afternoon here came Rob to take out my rugs and clean them, sweep my floor, clean my bathroom, then mop my floor real good.  It sure did feel good to get all the sand from our last trip out of me.  It was kinda irritating.  HAHA.

But Rob wasn't done yet.  I got a wonderful bath to get all the road grit and grime off of me from my last trip.  I even got way up on my roof washed too with a very long handled brush.  After my bath, I then got all rubbed down with a soft towel.  Talk about first class treatment. WOW!

Look close and you can see the soap suds on my rear window.  How do you like my sticker collection.  I just love it!

Here's a picture of my back corner being washed.  Rob took these pictures with his cell phone camera, so they may look a little strange.  Look close and you can see my long handled brush for getting my roof and the bright blue wash bucket that matches the blue of my name sticker!

Here is my "street" side getting all washed and clean.  I'm feeling sooooooooo good!

You can see the water just glistening on me in the late afternoon sun.  Can you believe in January the afternoon temperature was just above 70 degrees.  Why that's camping weather isn't it?

Here's a neat shot of my rear window after I have been all dried off with a soft towel.

If you happen to notice the Yeti Cooler sticker, it's because Rob got a Yeti cooler for Christmas from his family.  He is excited because he got a new cooler, (he said he only has 8 or 9 others) and I got a new sticker for my collection.

After all the brushes, buckets, soap, towels, and water hoses were put away, Rob had out a tape measure measuring inside me.  He also mentioned something about a trip to Lowes.  That can only mean one thing, more MODS.  YIPEE!  I don't know what he has in mind, maybe he'll post about it in a few days.  I just know I want to go to this Lowes sometime.  Maybe one day when Rob and Trisha are gone some where in the CR-V, Truck will hook me up and take me.  Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Well thanks for checking in today.  As Rob always says, until next time, stay safe out there....-R&T's-Pod.


  1. Hey Pod, Splash here! You are looking pretty sharp there cuz! I tried to talk Momma Sharon into going somewhere this weekend, but she handed me a bunch of lame excuses. I can't wait to see what mods your Camper Dad has in store. We sure do love our mods, don't we...LOL! Let's go camping together in March, OK? Camper hugs...Splash

  2. Hey there Splash, it's Pod. Thanks! I really did try to talk my people into going camping at Chester State Park down in South Carolina. But like you, I got a bunch of lame excuses too! I think that is why I got all that wonderful spa treatment this afternoon! March camping sounds like a blast to me!! Mods are the best! Camper hugs to you...Pod

  3. Oooooo...I wanna go there! Let's just say we're going and see what the folks do...LOL!

    1. Let's do it! Let's pick weekend of March 14-16. You get site 8, I'll get site 10, they are on the lake, and only $15 a night and plan on it!!

  4. Excellent, but change the dates to March 15-17, that's actually the weekend.