Sunday, January 13, 2013

A MOD Kind of Sunday afternoon......

Happy Sunday!  On this warm, partly sunny Sunday afternoon, what was there to do, why go to Lowes and work on the latest Pod Mod.  (Mod is short for modifications.)  Mods are one of the fun things which go along with owning any camper, large or small.  

Mods can be original, borrowed (o.k., stolen if you have to be nit-picky), or a combination of the two.  Our mod today was borrowed from other pod owners, and turned out just great.  

One of the challenges of owning a smaller camper is squeezing every square inch of storage space out of it.  So we are always on the look-out for storage  creating solutions.  An over-the-bed shelf has been an item of discussion for the past camping season.  Here are a few pictures to better explain.

This is the area over the bed were we had placed our towel rack.  We really do like the towel rack, but it seemed to eat up a lot of area which could possibly be used more efficiently.

So down comes the towel rack, leaving a empty space just begging to be turned into a storage area.

After a trip to Lowes, this wire shelf was added, along with the neat looking storage bins.  This is great storage for all sorts of stuff, including Moose-a-loosa, one of Jackson's toys.

We like how this turned out so much, we may add one of these shelves over the window on the other side of the bed.

  Finally in some related camping news, be sure to check out the 2013 Trips page to read all about SPLASH AND POD'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.  This looks to be our first camping trip of the season, and is only two months away.  

Thanks for checking by today.  As always, until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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