Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pod Mods on a Cold Winter's Day.....

Happy Tuesday on this cold (insert brrrrr!) winter's day here in North Carolina.  Today was a teacher's workday.  While Trisha choose to work, Rob choose to stay home one more day and get a few things done.  

Winter is a good time for Pod Mods.  We're not doing much camping, so it gives us an excuse to go shopping for the Pod then spending time in the Pod.  Sorta like a camping trip, without the trip.  

The mod we want to show you today is the addition of some small shelves.  One of the reasons for our trip to IKEA yesterday was to purchase 3 small unfinished spice racks.  They were $3.99/ea., and Rob spent the afternoon assembling and staining them.

Here's a picture of the unfinished rack after being assembled.

Here's a picture of the first rack finished and hung in position.  This is next to the bed so it will be a handy place for drinks, glasses, etc.

Here in the entry way, you can see the "pocket wall hanger" which came with the pod.  Rob moved it from the area of the bed to this location.  After three camping seasons, it was becoming sorta ragged looking.  It was also quite a catch-all for all sorts of junk.  So down it came.

In its place the other two spice racks were mounted.  This makes for a neater looking area.  It also places items in a much handier location for Rob no matter if he is cooking inside or outside the Pod.

This is the largest and most involved of  several mods we have made to the Pod over the last week or so.  We will be posting the rest of our mods over the next few days.  (Hey we gotta string this out so we will have something remotely interesting to post about!)  

Thanks for checking in today.  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.


  1. I think IKEA should put some tiny campers (Rpod, tab and Bambi!) in the lobby and do a modification, organization, style-show. Think how some cute little IKEA'd campers would draw in the public! Ella

  2. Ella, that is a wonderful idea!! You wouldn't happen to know anyone who owns a couple of tiny campers?? They might like that idea! Rob