Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Are You Sure This is The Beach?????

Good morning to everyone.  It's Miss Anne here this morning with the blogging duties.  Today is the first day of the month, and Mr. R is busy with a second side job he has, and so I just swiped his computer and I'll make todays blog post!

The Mr. and Mrs. have been talking ever since I came to live with them about a big trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or OBX for short.   They've told me all about the area, and about how they've been looking forward to this trip for an entire year.  They even  had me excited too!!

So we pulled out not so early on Sunday morning, in fact, it was nearly midday.   We travelled on roads that look vaguely familiar, (remember, I've not travelled much of anywhere yet), and before long we where back at a campground I've already been to twice.  Could Raccoon Holler also be the beach??  Seems odd to me.....

Well in short order, the Mr. and Mrs. had me all set up, and we were all enjoying the cool breeze.  But, and I mean but wait, this looks like a place called the mountains.  Could this also be the beach? Or, did Mr. R take a wrong turn somewhere?

I just had to find out, so I asked Mr. R when Mrs. T wasn't around.  It seems they had to cancel the trip to OBX due to a major power outage and a mandatory evacuation of the islands as a result.  So Mr. R called Raccoon Holler and was able to get us a site up here for a week.  Mystery solved!!!

So now we're enjoying the cool mountain breezes instead of the warm ocean breezes.  Mr. R told me not to worry though, we'd get down to the coast before the year was out.  

The Mr. and Mrs. haven't done a lot the last day or so.  A grocery store and dollar store trip have been about it.  They've cooked, read, and relaxed.   

Mr. R worked last week to make a counter top for my rear platform, and he's made himself a nice outdoor cooking area.  I think he really likes to cook when camping.  

They even managed an evening BRP (that's Blue Ridge Parkway) drive after supper Monday.   They saw quite a few deer, and even four "teenaged" calves as Mr. R said who had escaped their pasture and were up to no good along the BRP.

Well I'd best get off of here, Mr. R may be needing his computer in just a bit.  Thanks for reading my blog post today and as Mr. R always says...

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Miss Anne

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  1. Hey Miss Anne . . . I just gotta tell you that I always loved reading Pod's blogs and now I have found out that you have a special way with words too! My Camper Mom lets me tell Stories on her computer, so we are two lucky campers. Have fun in the hills and one of these days you will find out all about what a beach is. Your Cousin Splash