Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Pod's Farewell......

Happy Tuesday all.  It's Pod here.  I have some very big news.  Rob and Trisha have traded me in on a new travel trailer.  Rob said I could make one more post to tell all of my followers here the big news and  tell all of you goodbye too. I know I'll miss each and everyone of you, but I just bet some of us may meet again!!

Now I'm not going to tell you what they bought, but I'm sure there will be pictures and a whole blog post later.  I am glad to tell you that they did buy one of my cousins built in the same plant where I was built in October 2009.  Rob and Trisha have actually toured there and I know that's why they bought "in the family."

Here's a picture from my very first day with Rob and Trisha when they were picking me up.....

We weren't much of a gang then, just Truck, Rob, Trisha, and myself.  But, we have grown.  We've seen Karri the beach cart, Chillbert the ice maker, Rod the rod holder, P-Nutty, and Stinky the tote tank, just to name a few, join out team.

While I'll miss them all very much, I just know that I'll find a great home to move to very soon and Rob and Trisha are gonna love camping with my new cousin.  

Here's the very last picture Rob took of me as we were leaving this morning .....

So to wrap this up, let's not say "good-bye," but let's say "we'll see you down the road somewheres."  It's been a blast, and just POD ON!!!

As always, keep it safe out there......-Pod

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  1. Happy days, Pod! And can't wait to meet and make new memories with the new travelin' rig!