Monday, August 5, 2013

RV Hall of Fame.....

Happy Monday evening everyone.  We've had a great day here at the FROG rally.  The weather has been cloudy and cool all day, just perfect for sightseeing.  So we loaded up with furpods people (Mark and Sue) and KYMooses people (Travis and Carrie) and went to visit the RV Hall of Fame in nearby Elkhart.

There were an amazing array of vintage RVs there.  Everything from early motorhomes, pop-ups, teardrops, and one or two experimental models.

We spent quite awhile looking at all the vintage trailers.  There were so many models, with so many different designs.  While Rob took lots of pictures he says he's going to save them for later posts.  

Trisha, Sue, and Carrie did have a little fun......

After touring the museum, we went to Das Essenhaus, a huge restaurant, for lunch.  Then we went back to the campground to hang out for the rest of the afternoon.  It turned out once we got there the Forest River Crew were in the pod village repairing all the various issues with the pods.  

Now you all know how Rob looks after pod, so all pod really needed was a new propane gas regulator, and the recall light bar.  

Look closely at the next picture, and you can see two very special new stickers for our collection.  The first one is from Mark and Sue (furpod).  The second one is from the awesome crew at Forest River.  Can you guess which ones they are?

We're not sure what's in store for tomorrow, but we are sure we will have a full day.  Be sure to check back by tomorrow evening to read all about it.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, but no J.


  1. I like that red tent trailer, a Scotty maybe? Pretty cool that Forrest River takes such good care of their customers!

  2. The RV Hall of Fame is on my travel bucket list...I'm glad y'all got to see it. The FROG sticker is pretty cute hanging over the corner of your window, but I love Mark & Sue's tiny trailer that just happens to look like a T@B! Have fun today.