Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Plant Tour.....

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Wow, this week is just flying by.  We are having so much fun visiting with friends and all the other activities, we are really going to hate having to start home.

Today's highlight was the Forest River Factory tour of the r-Pod/Surveyor plant.  We all loaded up onto a nice motorcoach, and in just a few minutes we were there.  

Kristen G., with Forest River Sales was our tour guide this morning.  She did an awesome job of making sure we saw everything there was to see and explaining the manufacturing process in detail.  

We were most impressed with not only the speed of the production flow, but the attention to detail and quality.   The workers really worked as a team to get the trailers built.  It was amazing to just be able to stand there and watch it all.  Many thanks to everyone at Forest River for putting up with us today as we toured your facility.

While Rob as usual took a bunch of pictures, here are just a few of them for you to see.

Pod wall frames.

R-Pod Only is what was written on this container.

A completed pod wall.

Routing out the windows and doors on a laminated wall.

Kitchen sinks ready to go in.

Adding the cabinets.

Setting the axles on the now up-side down frame.

Propane Gas and water hoses custom made on-site.

Flipping the trailer frame.

Moving a fridge into place.

Can't forget what we're building.

Setting the roof.

Pods ready for final quality check.

A good looking tour group.

Kristen doing an awesome job of leading our tour.

Quality components.
How the trailers are moved sideways through the plant.

The crew moving the trailer sideways to the next station.

A worked taking time to answer a question from furpod!
Adding the end cap on a new Surveyor!
The lamination of the side wall.  That press has 5,000 lbs of pressure!

Once again many thanks to the whole Forest River Crew for the plant tour!!  Thanks for checking by today.  Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for another FROG Rally update.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, but no J.

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