Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Shopping, Oh Bother.....

Hi there, we hope this day finds everyone healthy and happy.  We decided today would be our Christmas shopping expedition day.  So after a quick breakfast, showers, and a trip to the grocery store by Rob, we set out.

Out stops included, Belks at Carolina Mall, Lowes in Kannapolis, Super Target at Afton Ridge Shopping Center, the Starbucks in the Super Target, and finally Best Buy.  We managed to get all but one of the gifts for the people on our list.  After we returned home, Trisha took off to Belks in Salisbury where she finished this last little bit of shopping.  

While Rob does do online shopping for his family out west, every  year we just have to go out and find the perfect gift for those of us here in North Carolina.

We're not going to tell anyone what they got, but here is a picture of all the items we bought today.  Sorry, but for all you sharp eyed viewers, the ipad is Trisha's.

Now there was no way we could make Jackson wait until Christmas for his present.  It is a furry squirrel toy for Jackson to kill many, many times.  (Yes Becky we were thinking about you when we bought this toy for him!)

Now Rob is exhausted from all this Christmas fun, so he is off to take a nap.  Anyone want to guess what Trisha is doing?  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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