Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Different Point of view......

Hey there everyone, its Jackson blogging today.  Dad said I could do a blog post since we are camping, and I haven't done one since this summer from the Outer Banks. 

He even let me take some pictures of things I saw that I liked for my post today.  I sure hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We went on a long walk around the campground after breakfast and dad let me use his camera.  I only almost dropped it in the creek just once. 

We even went for a ride to the Park Headquarters where I got to take some more pictures, and then to another campground.  We didn't take any pictures there. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures......

This is one of those great big picnic tables from
my point of view.
A fence row.
The water fountain next to our camper.
A twisted vine.
How can I grow wild on a leash?  It's not fair!

A neat bench!

The Ranger's Truck.

A big rock.

A fire pit. Lots of good smells here!

Another fence.

Our camper.  I asked dad why my name
wasn't on the sign, he said to ask
cousin Sharon the next time I
saw her!

Thanks for checking in today. Until next time, stay safe out there.....-J,R&T.


  1. Hey Jackson...thanks for the photos today! It's nice to get your "view" on camping. I tell you what, I'll make a little sign for you. Just get your Dad to attach it to the bottom of theirs. Murphy the Camper Dog has one, so you should too! Aunt Sharon

    1. Hey Aunt Sharon...a sign of my very own for the camper would be great. I'm sure dad can figure out how to attach it to their sign. Glad you like my pictures too. Jackson

  2. Hi, Jackson! Dakota and Maggie say thank you for a Dog's-eye view of the camping world, and send their sniffs and tail wags! Sounds like you're having a great time! Susie from Rineyville, KY